01/31/2017 17:23

CareSalus Internal Medicine has launched a SUPERVISED WEIGHT LOSS REWARDING PROGRAM. The goal of the program is to help patients to lose weight.  It is the collaboration between patients and the providers as well as staff members of CareSalus Internal Medicine. The program is the combination of reducing diet/calories intake, increasing exercise or physical activity, taking weight loss medications, and or referring for gastric banding or by- pass surgery. Any patient with BMI>30 (with or without any co-morbidities) can participate the program. The program Duration is 1 year, which is divided to 4 periods by each three months. At each 3-month visit (each period) and/or at the end of the program, the patient will be rewarded for $2 of each pound lost. For example, at the end of the program, if the patient lost total 100 pounds, the CareSalus Internal Medicine will award patient for total $200.


Please call (724-463-3720) for an appoiintment for participating the SUPERVISED WEIGHT LOSS REWARDING PROGRAM.


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