05/21/2020 21:11

Congratulations to Jennifer Han for graduating from Duke University

Jennifer Han, Dr. Han's daughter, graduated magna cum laude from Duke University in May 2020. Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science in Evolutionary Anthropology with a minor in biology. Upon the completion of her senior thesis on the biodivesity-disease relationship, Jennifer graduated with distinction in the Evolutionary Anthropology department and was one of two students awarded with the Mosse' Award for Excellence in Evolutionary Research.
03/30/2020 13:08

COVID-19 pandemic infection

  Teleconference for CareSalus Primary Care Office   3/21/2020 6 PM   To All providers and staff and patients:   In light of the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the latest public health advisories on travel and large gatherings, we have made the very difficult but necessary decision to close the office with patients face to face visit from March 23, 2020, instead,  with Telemedicine. That means that all the staff members will not be required to come to the...
01/22/2018 12:00

Wellcome Dr. Metzger Moving to the CareSalsus Gutuoyao Medical Center

Diana Metzger, MD, Indiana Cardiovascular Specialist (Cardiologist) has moved her office to the CareSalsus Gutuoyao Medical Center here. She accepts new patients and most of the insurance plans. Please call at 724-471-2334 for appointment.
09/30/2017 11:59

Congratulation to Dr. Snyder

Dr. Snyder works both for in-patents and out-patients. accept all the insurance plans.
01/31/2017 17:23


CareSalus Internal Medicine has launched a SUPERVISED WEIGHT LOSS REWARDING PROGRAM. The goal of the program is to help patients to lose weight.  It is the collaboration between patients and the providers as well as staff members of CareSalus Internal Medicine. The program is the combination of reducing diet/calories intake, increasing exercise or physical activity, taking weight loss medications, and or referring for gastric banding or by- pass surgery. Any patient with BMI>30...
06/23/2016 14:59

Construction of a new sign for Caresalus Medical Center underway!

Dr. Han and Dr. Snyder are constructing a new sign for the Caresalus Medical Center. It will advertise for the other offices in our building, including Heritage Hospice and Family Psychological.
10/31/2015 20:53

Dr. Han won 2nd place of the Teddy Bear Fundraiser 5K held by Indiana High School

Dr. Han won 2nd place in his age group of the Teddy Bear Fundraiser 5K held by Indiana High School     Xianwen Qiao won 3rd place in the female group.      
12/04/2014 15:40

09/11/2012 21:33

Congratulations to Dr. Han for his 10 years recertification in Internal Medicine by ABIM

Dr. Han was first board certified by American Board in Internal Medicine (ABIM) in 8/2003. He has been recertified starting 9/2013 to 8/2023. The certification will be published by ABIM and effective in 9/2013.
07/27/2012 15:28

Open House

12/24/2011 14:50

New Office Opening on January 2nd, 2012!

The new Caresalus Office building located at 625 Rustic Lodge Rd. is almost complete. The new office offers more facilities for better patient care, including more patient rooms, pleasant lighting, and even a dedicated patient shower.     
12/21/2011 03:58

Questions and Suggestions

Do you have any questions for us about what Caresalus can do for your health? Please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.
12/21/2011 03:57

Welcome to Our New Website!

We would like to announce the launch of our clinic's new website. In addition to finding general information about the services we provide, you can also get the latest medical news on precedures, treatments and more. We want to keep you informed about new medical products, procedures and services.



Welcome Dr. Robert P. Snyder to join our Primary Care Office. Dr. Snyder will start to work on 12/2/2014.

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