05/21/2020 21:11

Congratulations to Jennifer Han for graduating from Duke University

Jennifer Han, Dr. Han's daughter, graduated magna cum laude from Duke...
03/30/2020 13:08

COVID-19 pandemic infection

  Teleconference for CareSalus Primary Care Office   3/21/2020 6...
01/22/2018 12:00

Wellcome Dr. Metzger Moving to the CareSalsus Gutuoyao Medical Center

Diana Metzger, MD, Indiana Cardiovascular Specialist (Cardiologist) has moved...
09/30/2017 11:59

Congratulation to Dr. Snyder

Dr. Snyder works both for in-patents and out-patients. accept all the insurance...
01/31/2017 17:23


CareSalus Internal Medicine has launched a SUPERVISED WEIGHT LOSS...
06/23/2016 14:59

Construction of a new sign for Caresalus Medical Center underway!

Dr. Han and Dr. Snyder are constructing a new sign for the Caresalus Medical...
10/31/2015 20:53

Dr. Han won 2nd place of the Teddy Bear Fundraiser 5K held by Indiana High School

Dr. Han won 2nd place in his age group of the Teddy Bear Fundraiser 5K held by...
12/04/2014 15:40

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Welcome to Caresalus PRIMARY CARE

At CareSalus Primary Care, we value the quality of life of our patients. Your health and your trust are important to us. That's why we offer typical health care checkups, advanced treatments, vaccinations and home visits. Our facilities are staffed with medical experts that are devoted to finding the best way to diagnose, and treat you with your longevity and good health in mind.   We are Primary Care Physicians speicalized in Internal Medicine. We do primary care and preventive medicine. Our goal is to keep you in health rather than just write prescriptions.


Our CareSalus Primary Care office is staffed with Internal Medicine Board Certified Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Medical Assistants, and many supportive members. We carry out team work.


We are committed to providing high quality health care in internal medcine. No matter if you are having a cold or dealing with a life-threatening illness, we have the experience, resources, and technology to help you. In addition, our dedicated health care professionals are compassionate and highly trained in today's cutting-edge medical technology.


We would be glad to be your Primary Care Physician (PCP). We promise our patients for same day or second day appointment for urgent visit. We are accepting patients ages 17 and above.


Our office is located at 625 Rustic Lodge Rd. in Indiana. To set up an appointment, please visit our contact page or use the Patient Portal to log in.


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